• American Lambs
    American Lambs

    Stories and poems about working border collies, sheep, family, and life on the land.

  • Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep?
    Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep?

    The story of two border collie littermate sisters, who grow up to perform very different jobs but remain very much the same. Many photos. Two editions: black and white or full color.


  • The Dog Wars
    The Dog Wars

    Well-known writer Donald McCaig turns his attention to the 1990s controversy between the working border collie community and the American Kennel Club.

  • Sheepdog Glory
    Sheepdog Glory

    Originally published in 1956, SHEEPDOG GLORY is the true biography of Toss, a border collie owned by Roy Saunders and trained by him for stardom in the annual sheepdog trials.

  • Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog
    Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog

    Interviews with many of the best working border collie trainers in North America and the United Kingdom, who share their methods for introducing young border collies to livestock.

  • Working With A Stockdog
    Working With A Stockdog

    An invaluable guide to understanding the relationship between trained working sheepdogs and livestock.

  • Tam: A Border Collie
    Tam: A Border Collie

    Follow working border collie Tam from his birth in rural Scotland through the challenges he faces with different owners. First volume in the TAM series.

  • Tam's Pup
    Tam's Pup

    After Old Tam's untimely death, a litter of puppies is born to his mate, Jeannie. Gwen's heart is captured by the mischievous runt of the litter, Punk. Though ridiculed by others, Gwen is determined to turn Punk into a working sheepdog. Second volume in the TAM series.

  • Lark's Return
    Lark's Return

    The most promising puppy in Gwen's litter, Lark was returned to Gwen from her first trainer, who treated the young dog harshly and considered her too soft ever to make a successful working border collie. Gwen is determined to find a way to turn the frightened dog into a willing partner. Third volume in the TAM series.

  • Tam Series (Books 1, 2, and 3)
    Tam Series (Books 1, 2, and 3)

    All three volumes of the TAM series: Tam: A Border Collie, Tam's Pup, and Lark's Return.

  • From the Handler's Post
    From the Handler's Post

    Vergil Holland’s much-anticipated guide to succeeding at sheepdog trials, containing a lifetime of knowledge from one of the most successful sheepdog handlers in North America.